ESCOBAR CONSTRUCTION has the technical expertise to add value to the Government Entities through the construction management experiences that support the company. We are perfectly capable to provide design, engineering, construction and maintenance services with excellent results. It is certified at the Federal Level, State Level and City level, and incorporated in the State of California. Our licenses in the State of California are: 

 General Building Contractors.

 General Engineering Contractors.

 Hazardous Substances Removal Certification.

The main NAIC´s Codes applicable:

  236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction.

    237990 – Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction.

  238210 – Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors.

  238990 – Asphalt paving contractors.

Escobar Construction has the ability to Manage Multiple Projects at the same time by implementing a scalable organizational structure. Each of our projects has an assigned Project Manager and a Site Superintendent,  which are directly hired employees of the company in order to ensure the technical and managerial compliance of the projects according to our client’s standards and Best Management Practices, providing highly qualified project teams that work together to maximize client satisfaction. We build to detailed design specifications and ensure we meet budget and schedule requirements, all while working in a safety‐first environment. We also perform construction for the military in remote, austere, and often hostile locations. Escobar Construction perform the scope with our main subcontracting alliances, and do self‐performing construction when the particular situation required it to deliver the most cost‐effective results for our clients, safely, within budget, and in accordance with the project schedule.

• Design‐Build (DB).

• Design‐Bid‐Build (DBB).

• Construction Management Risk (CMR).