Guided by the Ron Escobar´s words, “What we give in life is what we get, If we want people to help us, we must in turn help others”, the company held to helping others to keep improving and be their best selves. By giving back, the scales can be balanced through benefits to our communities, society and country.

Subcontractors Alliances:

Escobar Construction is consistently and actively seeking to include SBE’s and SDVOSB companies, and local subcontractors into the targeted Contract Opportunities. Furthermore, the company attends many constructions industry and military owned business trade conferences to incorporate the best industry practices and growing the network of supportive partners. We require all subcontractors to prequalify with our established prequalification form, where we evaluate the management ability, financial strength and operational experience and motivation of every subcontractor.

Isaac Meron, President & CEO of Meron, Inc. (left) on‐site with Frank Welsh, Superintendent for Escobar Construction (right). Bakersfield, California.

Joint Ventures:

Despite the company´s bidding and managing efforts, Escobar Construction is always looking for Joint Ventures opportunities with organizations disposed to achieve a win‐win position to develop and deliver Federal projects with Escobar Construction. In which the Certifications, Technical Know‐how, Bonding  Capacity, and main location of the interested companies would play the principal role for setting the JV sharing conditions for all.