Our History.

Escobar Construction started as a Small Owned Company in Los Angeles, doing small residential works and becoming a licensed General Contractor in 2006. Since 2011 to 2018, The company continued growing into the private construction business getting awarding a Freddie Mac contract to repair and remodel foreclosed bank‐owned homes with great results.

In 2019, Escobar Construction was certified as a Disabled Veteran‐Owned Business Enterprise (DVBE), and trained by The Contractor Development and  Bonding Program (CDABP) of Los Angeles with the practical preparation, guidance and support, which helped the business to make a huge leap. Also, the company got the Metro´s certification and became one of the first graduates of LAWA’s BuildLAX Training Academy.

After enrolling in the Program and actively bidding on projects, Escobar Construction was awarded a 5‐year Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) for the National Cemetery Administration, within the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, to maintain 23 national cemeteries in nine States in the Pacific Region, which was estimated to increase the company’s revenues by $2 million per year over the contract duration. 

The hard work, effort and thoughtful business strategies have yielded substantial results for Escobar Construction. “In addition to the National Cemetery Administration, the Company now has three other MATOCs – one with the Fish and Wildlife Department for Oregon, California and Hawaii and two with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Israel. We are currently working on 13 projects in six states and two other countries, ranging in value from under $100,000 to $2.9 million. Nowadays, Escobar Construction is a growing Prime Contractor Company providing services to a wide range of government clients and successfully creating joint venture partnerships.

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