ESCOBAR CONSTRUCTION has an effective and scalable management structure that allows the company to deliver results in multiple locations. Furthermore, our disciplined approach at recruiting talent for the company ensures our employee associates naturally match their job positions to their respective  personality and behavioral traits. This translates into a very motivated workforce that enjoys the work they do and delivers superior results.

The experience of our staff brings to the table and shows how versatile our internal team is. A solid team who knows how to function together will always out‐perform a single individual. When the workload begins to outgrow the capabilities of our team, we will be on‐board by utilizing our diverse network of non‐profit organizations and employment agencies. The company can hire as many professional as needed for the workload and assign  them geographically to each of the client’s locations to be present during the duration of our contract.

Our Training Philosophy:

At Escobar Construction we understand that to learn and to deliver the services that client’swant, we must be good listeners and deliver what is being asked for us to deliver. We model this behavior across all personnel levels of our company from the company owner to the summer intern. We take the time to be present and to listen and implement effectively. Escobar Construction approach to training includes on‐boarding, pre‐project training, and post‐project training. On‐boarding: All new staff and business partners go through a rigorous on‐ boarding process to make sure they understand Safety Is First, and that we cover or exceed guidelines that meet federal and state requirements and that we follow best practice standards. All personnel are thoroughly covered and trained on the specific project documents to include:

1. Best Safe Practices

2. Project Scope and Timeline

3. Project Deployment Strategy and Requirements.

4. Quality Control Objectives and Tasks.