Escobar Construction has performed several projects for The Department of Veteran Affairs, The Fish and Wildlife Services, Los Angeles Unified School District and Various Commercial Banks in nine (9) different states.

Among others, Escobar Construction is currently performing a $2.9 million Soil Remediation and Trees Shading Project for in Los Angeles County. The scope consist on earth moving works, electrical poles install, fencing, planting and landscaping.

Also, a $1.5 million cemetery expansion project is about to be completed in Bakersfield California. Including Earth moving works, paving, concrete boxes, vertical drains, piping, planting, and irrigation systems install. Nowadays, the company has furnished more than ten (10) federal projects within the last three (3) years with excellent results, and complied using the Best Construction Management Practices under complex technical conditions, remote locations and sensitive zones.

The main works performed by the Escobar Construction are: 

Concrete works: walkways, curbs and gutters, vertical drains construction, bridges repairs, etc.

Erosion control, BMP entrances, and hazard soil excavations, stockpiling and hauling out.

New restrooms construction, utilities relocation, septic systems, and HVAC, electric panels, Satellite Controllers and hot water tank install.

Asbestos abatement, structures paint and maintenances, roll‐up doors replacement, and other works.